Hey, I’m Jonn

I’m a designer based in London and Tallinn specialising in UX and UI. I also illustrate and write a bit.

Who am I?

I first started creating things for money in 2004, initially working as a graphic designer for clients including McDonald’s, Tesco and E&Y. About 8 years ago I switched my focus towards User Experience and digital, getting a Masters degree from the University of Edinburgh (2012) along the way.

I am the lead product designer at (the very awesome) Lingvist, where we are currently creating the best language learning experiences across mobile and web. The role seamlessly combines my desire to create beautiful and helpful user journeys with my passion for AI, tech and the social sciences.

I split my time between London and Tallinn and I enjoy music, food, beer, trainers, whales, laughing, snow, cacti, castles and funny hats.